Saturday , August 17 2019
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Kavacha (2019) Kannada Full Movie HDRip Download

Kavacha (2019)

Kavacha (2019) Kannada Full Movie HDRip Kavacha Film Jayarama is a blind handyman in an apartment complex. When a retired Supreme Court judge who resides there trusts him with a secret and makes him the guardian of his daughter before he is murdered, Jayarama’s world changes. He now has to deal with Vasudeva, a vengeful serial killer. …:: Basic Info::… ... Read More »

Watchman (2019) Tamil Full Movie HDRip x264 Download

Watchman (2019)

Watchman (2019) Tamil Full Movie HDRip Watchman Film Sify wrote “Despite the crisp runtime, top technicalities and sincere effort from the actors, Watchman fails to engage us and ends up as yet another wishy-washy film. Times of India wrote “The plot offers great scope for a gripping action thriller. But the screenplay seems rushed and ends up as a half-baked ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes